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Colorful 4mm tinted float glass panels wholesale for sale

tinted float glass
Tinted float glass panels serve as an attractive and modern addition, creating bold lines of color and light that breathe life into any space. The wide variety of colors and sizes we offer allows you to customize the look of any indoor space. Plus, our wholesale prices make these panels an ideal choice for any budget-conscious shopper.

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What is tinted float glass?

Tinted float glass is a type of glass that has been manufactured with color additives to create a specific tint or hue. It is produced by incorporating small amounts of metal oxides, such as iron, into the molten glass during the manufacturing process.

The addition of these metal oxides alters the optical properties of the glass, resulting in various colors and levels of light transmission. Tinted float glass can come in a range of colors, including green, gray, bronze, blue, and more.

What is the principle of tinted float glass?

Coloring is due to the light absorption caused by the electronic transition of the introduced transition metal ions or rare earth metal ions, and the light absorption caused by the dispersion of colloidal particles dispersed in the glass. According to the coloring mechanism, it can be divided into ionic coloring, metal colloid coloring, semiconductor coloring, surface coloring and other coloring methods.

What are the advantages of tinted float glass?

Tinted float glass panels offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for various applications. Here are some of the key advantages of tinted float glass:

Heat and Glare Reduction: Tinted float glass helps to reduce the amount of heat and glare from the sun entering a space. The tinted color absorbs and reflects a portion of solar radiation, keeping the interior cooler and more comfortable.

Energy Efficiency: By limiting heat transmission, tinted float glass contributes to energy efficiency in buildings. It reduces the need for excessive air conditioning or cooling, thereby lowering energy consumption and associated costs.

UV Protection: Tinted float glass provides protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The tinted color acts as a filter, blocking a significant amount of UV radiation from entering the space. This helps in preventing fading and damage to furnishings, artwork, and other interior elements.

Privacy and Security: Tinted float glass enhances privacy by reducing visibility from the outside while still allowing natural light to enter the space. It is commonly used in areas where privacy is desired, such as bathrooms, conference rooms, and offices. The tinted glass also adds an extra layer of security by making it difficult for outsiders to see inside.

Design Aesthetics: Tinted float glass adds a touch of color and sophistication to architectural designs. It offers a range of tint options, such as green, gray, bronze, blue, and more, allowing for creative expression and customization. The tinted glass can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of buildings, both externally and internally.

Glazing Performance: Tinted float glass can be combined with other glazing technologies, such as low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings, to further improve energy efficiency and thermal insulation. This combination helps in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing heat loss or gain.


Building Construction: Colored glass is commonly used in commercial and residential buildings for windows, doors, and facades. It provides both functional benefits, such as energy efficiency and sun control, as well as aesthetic appeal.

tinted float glass1
tinted float glass1

Interior Design: Colored glass is used in interior applications like glass partitions, room dividers, shower enclosures, and furniture. It adds a stylish element to the design while offering functional benefits.

Display Cases: Colored glass is utilized in display cases, cabinets, and shelves to showcase products in retail stores or museums. The tinted glass enhances the presentation by reducing glare and providing an appealing backdrop.

tinted float glass1


Production name: 4mm Tinted float glass
Thickness:4mm、Other thickness optional 3mm、5mm、5.5mm、 6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、 etc.
Sizes:2140*1650mm、 2140*3300mm、 2250*3300mm、2440*1650mm、 2440*3660mm、 etc.
Glass colors:French Green、Dark Green、Euro Grey、Dark Grey、Ford Blue、Dark Blue、Bronze、Dark Bronze、Black、etc. 
Production time:within 7 days after the order is confirmed;
Samples:free samples are available;
Package:Plywood crates packed with paper separate, water-clean
4mm Tinted float glass panels specification sheet

Packing details

Ensure the utmost protection for your valuable cargo and securely transport tinted float glass with our exceptional custom-built plywood crates. Our specially designed crates are crafted to withstand long-distance transportation, guaranteeing unmatched security for your treasured possessions.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass is the top 10 Chinese supplier of tinted float glass. Our offerings include raw materials for tinted glass and customizable choices. Our main goal is to provide excellent quality tinted glass at affordable prices, along with outstanding customer service.

We are committed to achieving perfection in every glass product we manufacture, which is why our company is thriving. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in building a remarkable glass world.

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