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On-line coated reflective glass is produced by using CVD technology (chemical vapor deposition) that creates a perfect uniform layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of the glass. 

The metallic coating applied during the manufacturing process creates a highly reflective appearance. As the coating is extremely durable, “hard coat” reflective glass can be glazed with the reflective coating to either the inside or outside of the building depending on aesthetics and performance required. 

It achieves even greater solar control than standard tinted float glass by more effectively absorbing and reflecting a major percentage of the sun’s direct energy.


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Can be customized according to customer requirements

BronzeDark BronzeEuro GreyDark GreyFrench GreenDark GreenFord BlueDark BluePinkSilveretc.

Golden Reflective Facade Windows


Reflective Glass is suitable for most types of facade glazing in buildings. It is used widely in small/ large areas where reduction of solar heat is required to keep the interiors cool. Its attractive appearance also enhances the interior of a building.

Offices、Commercial buildings、Schools、Industrial buildings、Apartment blocks. 

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reflective glass advantages

Reflective Glass Colors


We take pride in our ability to supply high quality float glass to a wide variety of businesses.

Unparalleled Stability

 Achieve stability and eliminate thermal stress with our superior quality and annealing process, minimizing the risk of self-explosion.

Flawless Surface

Enjoy a flawlessly flat surface, uniform thickness, and minimal distortion of reflective images after processing.

Optimal Processing

Experience high processing yield and exceptional cutting capabilities, along with outstanding optical performance and minimal zebra angle.

Minimal Defects

Benefit from a low defects ratio, ensuring top-notch quality in every product.


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Shenzhen Dragon Glass is the biggest glass exporter in China and top 10 glass manufacturer in China. Top quality is guaranteed.

Generally within 3 weeks. If the goods are in stock, it can be 1 week. 

MOQ is one 20 feet container. Products of different sizes and specifications could be mixed in one container.

Samples are free, can be ready in 1-2 weeks.

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