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Tinted Float Glass is produced by adding metal oxides during the manufacturing of clear float glass. Tinted glass absorbs and re-radiates solar energy reducing heat, providing cost efficient climate control. It also reduces sun glare and is aesthetically appealing.

Tinted Glass is widely used in places where both lighting and heat insulation are required, reasonable use of sunlight, adjustment of indoor temperature, saving of air-conditioning costs; Good decorative effect on the shape of the building.


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3mm、4mm、5mm、5.5mm、 6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、 etc.

Can be customized according to customer requirements

1830*2440mm 2134*3300mm 2134*3660mm 2250*3660mm 2440*3660mm etc.

Can be produced according to clients’ request. 

French Green、Dark Green、Euro Grey、Dark Grey、Ford Blue、Dark Blue、Bronze、Dark Bronze、Pink、etc. 


We take pride in our ability to supply high quality tinted glass to a wide variety of businesses.

Unparalleled Stability

Limits the transmission of ultraviolet radiation

Flawless Surface

Reducing solar glare and heat transmission

Optimal Processing

Protecting furniture and furnishings from fading.

Minimal Defects

Provides varied degrees of solar control and energy saving

Applications of tinted glass

Tinted glass finds a wide range of applications in various industries. Here are some common applications of tinted glass

Architectural Glazing

Tinted float glass is extensively used in architectural glazing for both exterior and interior applications. It can be used for windows, doors, curtain walls, skylights, and facades, adding a distinctive look to the building while providing energy efficiency and sun control.

Tinted Float Glass6
Tinted Float Glass7

Commercial Buildings

Tinted float glass is commonly used in commercial buildings such as office complexes, hotels, shopping malls, and retail stores. It offers privacy, reduces glare, and improves the overall aesthetics of the building.

Residential Buildings

In residential construction, tinted float glass is employed for windows, doors, partitions, and balustrades. It enhances the appearance of the house, prevents excessive heat buildup, and protects interiors from harmful UV radiation.

Tinted Float Glass8
Tinted Float Glass9

Furniture and Interior Decor

Tinted float glass is used in furniture, such as glass tabletops, cabinets, shelves, and display units. Its colored appearance adds a touch of style and elegance to interior spaces.

Display Cases

Tinted float glass is utilized in museums, retail stores, and galleries for display cases and showcases. It provides a visually appealing backdrop while protecting valuable artifacts or products from UV damage.

Tinted Float Glass10
Tinted Float Glass11

Privacy Partitions

Tinted float glass is an excellent choice for creating privacy partitions in commercial and residential settings. It offers a translucent barrier while allowing sufficient light transmission, maintaining an open and spacious feel.


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