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Find high-quality clear float glass Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet Manufacturer

High-quality, colorless 5mm glass sheet manufacturer specializing in clear float glass-Shenzhen Dragon Glass

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What is a clear float glass?

Float glass is produced through a precise process. First, molten glass flows from a furnace into a chamber containing a bed of molten tin. This controlled atmosphere allows the glass to float on the tin, shaping itself to the container. The glass spreads between 90 and 140 inches wide, with a thickness determined during manufacturing.

On the upper surface, known as the “air side” or “score side,” the glass is polished with fire. Conversely, the lower surface, called the “tin side,” lacks fire-polishing. From the chamber, the glass proceeds to a lehr, or oven, where it is cooled at a carefully regulated rate. This cooling process, called annealing, alleviates internal stresses within the glass. The rate of cooling significantly influences the final product’s quality. Once the glass leaves the lehr, it forms a continuous ribbon at room temperature. The ribbon is flat, with a fire-finished top and smooth, parallel surfaces. Finally, automatic cutters trim the edges and adjust the glass to the desired length.

What is a Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet for sale?

Dragon Glass offers a 5mm clear float glass for sale, also known as 5mm float sheet glass. This versatile glass is widely used in various businesses, including distribution, wholesale, and projects.

Our 5mm clear float glass boasts excellent colorless and distortion-free flat surfaces, ensuring high light transmission and clarity. It serves as the core base product for many of our common glass offerings, such as cutting, float laminating glass, etching glass, and mirrored glass.

Find high-quality clear float glass Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet Manufacturer
Find high-quality clear float glass Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet Manufacturer

What are the benefits of Dragon Glass Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet?

Clarity: Float glass offers excellent light transmittance, resulting in clear and undistorted views. A 5mm clear glass achieves a high visible light transmittance of nearly 87%, ensuring exceptional clarity and transparency.

Easy to process: During the float glass manufacturing process, the raw materials are melted to form a hot ribbon of glass, which is then cooled down in a controlled way to introduce into the annealed glass a uniform stress profile. An optimal annealing process helps ensure that the float glass can be cut easily during further processing.

Green Hue As the thickness of the clear glass increases, the green tint may become more noticeable. However, with our 5mm clear glass, the green tint is barely perceptible when viewed from the edge.

Optical Distortion: Clear float glass typically does not exhibit optical distortion, ensuring a clear and undistorted view.

Find high-quality clear float glass Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet Manufacturer


  • Subject to CE;
  • Subject to BS;
  • Subject to SGCC;
  • Subject to AS;
  • Subject to ISO9001;


Production name:5mm Float Glass
Glass Thickness:5mm Optional 3mm、4mm、5.5mm、6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、 etc.
Sizes:1830x2440mm(6×8′), 2140x3300mm(84×130”), 2250x3300mm(88-89×130”), 2440x3660mm(8×12′)
Customized:Support cutting, paper separate, clear water cleaning, logo
Production time:with in 7 days after the order is confirmed;
Samples:free samples are available;
Package:Plywood crates packed with paper separate

Packing and Delivery Details for 5mm Clear Float Glass

We offer custom-made plywood crates that provide unparalleled security for your prized possessions. Safeguard your valuable cargo and transport your Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet with complete confidence. Our specially designed crates are built to endure long-distance transportation, ensuring the safety of your items.

Find high-quality clear float glass Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet Manufacturer
Find high-quality clear float glass Colorless 5mm Glass Sheet Manufacturer
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Shenzhen Dragon Glass is a prominent Chinese manufacturer of Clear Float Glass. We provide a wide range of products, including raw materials for glass, along with customizable options. Our focus is on delivering high-quality Colorless 5mm Glass sheets at competitive prices, accompanied by exceptional customer service.

We are committed to achieving perfection in every piece of glass we produce, which is why our company continues to thrive. Contact us today and let us assist you in creating an extraordinary world of glass.

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