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High-quality 3mm Clear Float Glass Wholesale Suppliers in China

Shenzhen Dragon Glass specializes in the production of quality 3mm clear float glass made in China, you can contact Shenzhen Dragon Glass for the latest price list

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What is 3mm clear float glass?

3mm Clear float glass is indeed produced by melting high-quality sand, natural ores, and chemical materials at a high temperature. The mixture is melted until it becomes a molten liquid, which is then poured onto a bed of molten tin in a process called the float glass manufacturing process.

The molten glass flows onto the tin bath, where it spreads out and forms a continuous ribbon of glass. As it floats on the molten tin, the glass is polished and shaped into a flat and uniform sheet. This process allows the glass to have a smooth surface without any distortions or imperfections.

The use of tin in the manufacturing process helps to achieve a perfectly flat and distortion-free surface, as the glass floats on top of the molten tin. This method, known as the float process, ensures that the glass has a consistent thickness and excellent optical clarity.


3mm Clear Float Glass Sheet Advantages

  • Uniform thickness: It is easier to work with and cut due to its uniform thickness.
  • Flat surface: Both sides of float glass have a smooth and flat surface, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Versatility: Clear float glass can be customized through cutting, drilling, polishing, tempering, laminating, and coating for various applications.
  • High optical clarity: Natural light passes through clear float glass, providing excellent optical clarity and a clear view.
  • Optical Distortion: Clear float glass typically exhibits no optical distortion, ensuring a clear and undistorted view.

Specification of 3mm float glass

Thickness3mm, 1/8
Size914x1220mm(3×4′), 1220x1830mm(4×6′), 1830x2440mm(6×8′), 2140x3300mm(84×130”)
CustomizedSupport cutting, paper separate, clear water cleaning, logo
StandardISO9001, CE
Production timeAlmost 3-15 days depends on client requirements
ApplicationMirror, laminated glass, Building, Cars, Door, Window, Furniture, Home Appliance,etc
SamplesProvide freely, deliver within 7 days no include transport

3mm Clear Float Glass Sheet Warehouse Storage, Packing & Container Loading 

All Shenzhen Dragon Glass are protected with interlayer paper or cork between two glass panels, packed in strong export plywood crates and loaded securely in containers with metal straps to avoid breakage.


If you’re looking to purchase discounted, high-quality clear float glass ranging from 3mm to 19mm, look no further than Shenzhen Dragon Glass. As one of China’s top manufacturers and suppliers in this field, we offer a wide selection of clear float glass products.

Our professional factory is dedicated to serving your needs, and we are more than happy to provide you with wholesale options that are both affordable and customizable. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your glass needs!

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